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The Business Process Modelling Toolkit is aimed at providing business analysts and others involved in process management and improvement activities with sufficient understanding of Business Process Modelling and  BPMN to allow them to produce Business Process Diagrams that conform to a widely recognised standard. The benefit to your organisation will be the in-house capability to create Business Process maps that can be shared and readily understood by all stakeholders, both within and external to the organisation. These pages are the copyright of South East Training. However, you are free to use them on condition that you acknowledge both the ownership and the source. Please include the following statement on each online or printed page.  

The Business Process Modelling Toolkit is owned by South East Training.

You may use this resource for free on the condition that you include this statement on each page.

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The Business Process Modelling Toolkit

Basic Notation

Process Activities and Events

Gateways and Exception Flow

Pools. Lanes and Sub-Processes

In-Line Sub-Processes

Hierarchical Expansion of Sub-Processes

Loopback to Handle Exceptions

Parallel or AND Gateways

Collaboration Diagrams

Process Scope

Collaboration with Sub-Process Elements

BPMN First Review

Advanced Notation

Data Objects

Splitting and Merging Recap

Splitting and Merging Conditional Flow

More Start Events

More End Events

More Sub-Processes

Intermediate Events

Boundary Events

Repeating Activities

Batch Processing

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