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More End Events 

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End Events

  • We have already seen the none end event and the message end event used in previous examples.The diagram below explains the use of four more end events, the signal end event, the error end event, the terminal end event and the cancel end event.
  • The second diagram illustrates the use of the terminal and error end events to immediately end a sub-process when an exception is encountered.
  • The third diagram illustrates how the in-line sub-processes shown in the previous example will appear in their collapsed format.

More End Events - Some Examples

  • The first diagram below shows the use of the terminal end event
    • Reaching the terminal end event immediately ends the process level, even if parallel paths are still active.
    • It does not send a signal to the parent level. 
    • Flow continues out of the sub-process in the normal way.
    • An XOR gateway is needed after the sub-process to direct flow along the appropriate path depending or whether or not the sub-process completed normally
    • In the example, a failure during either the technical or financial review to show that the business case met the specification would cause the sub-process to stop immediately.
  • The second diagram shows the use of the error end event.
    • The failure of either the technical or financial review causes the sub-process to stop immediately, as with the terminal end event. 
    • The difference is that the error end event sends a signal to the parent level via an intermediate error event on the boundary of the sub-process.
    • The intermediate error event initiates the exception flow, therefore, there is no need for an XOR gateway following the sub-process. 

More End Events - Some Examples

  • The diagram below simply illustrates how the process diagrams would look if the in-line sub-processes were collapsed.
  • Use of the cancel end event is shown in a later example.

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