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Parallel or AND Gateways 

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AND Gateways

  • So far we have seen the gateway used to direct flow along one path or another depending on a logical condition.
  • BPMN, however, has a number of different gateways.  In this example, we are seeing the use of the AND or Parallel Gateway.
  • The process designer might decide that it doesn't matter whether the received goods are placed in store before or after the stock records are updated.  Or indeed, if there is more than one person in the stores, the activities can be conducted simultaneously.

Splits and Joins

  • The first AND Gateway, sometimes referred to as an AND-split or parallel-split, enables both Store Consignment and Update Stock Record activities to start at the same time.
  • The second AND Gateway, sometimes referred to as an AND-join or synchronising-join, indicated that both sequence flows must complete before the next activity can start.  In this case, there is no activity but the 'Goods in Stock' end state.
  • BPMN does not require all parallel-splits to be merged downstream at synchronising-joins; they can lead to different end events but both end events must be reached to complete the process.



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