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Splitting and Merging Recap 

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Before we can move on to looking at more complex splitting and merging patterns, it is worthwhile recapping what we have seen so far.

Exclusive Flow

  • The Exclusive or XOR Gateway is used to send the flow along one path as the result of an exclusive decision, typically the answer to a yes/no or closed question.
  • Downstream, paths may be merged using an XOR Gateway or by exclusive paths flowing directly into an activity. The following activity is initiated whichever path is enabled.

Parallel Flow

  • The Parallel or AND gateway (AND split) is used to send the flow along two or more paths simultaneously. An alternative is to have parallel paths emerging from an activity. In this case, the AND Gateway is not required.
  • Parallel paths may merge downstream using an AND Gateway (AND join). All incoming flows must reach the AND Gateway before it will permit onward flow. Alternatively, parallel flows can lead to separate end events. However, as with the AND join, both flows must reach their end events for the process to complete.

Conditional Flow

This recap now allows us to consider Conditional Flow.


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