Presentation Skills for Overseas Markets


Duration: 1 days


Course Aims

The course aims to help experienced presenters communicate effectively to overseas clients/co-workers.

The intended messages and the received ones are rarely the same. This course examines verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication which transcend language and cultural barriers.

It can be provided to enhance already-prepared presentations or offered in conjunction with the Presentation Skills programme.


Programme Outline

The content is specifically tailored to individual business contexts.


Non-verbal aspects:

  • audience expectations

  • listening styles

Verbal aspects:

  • identifying potential pitfalls

  • adjusting language for clarity

Action planning

Review and close

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • empathise with the target culture(s) and their expectations

  • use cultural insight to adjust non-verbal aspects of communication

  • identify potential difficulties of the English language

  • adjust their use of English to communicate more effectively


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