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Brief Description



2 days

This course aims to help participants maintain effective working relationships with colleagues and customers by identifying what constitutes assertive, and non-assertive behaviours, developing an understanding of the barriers to assertiveness, and encouraging the use of assertive communication techniques.

Communication Skills

2 days

The aim of the course is to improve working relationships by helping participants: develop an understanding of communication processes; enhance their listening, questioning and observational skills; and develop techniques for communicating in a more persuasive way.

Controlling Stress

2 days

The purpose of the course is to help participants improve their work performance by helping them to identify their own sources of stress, to identify the symptoms and effects of stress, and to develop strategies for managing both the causes and symptoms of personal stress.

Cultural Awareness in the Business Context

1-2 days

The course provides opportunities to consider the nature of culture, the influences that shape culture and how this affects relations in a business context. This includes aspects of leadership, conduct at meetings, styles in communication, decision-making processes, use of time and approaches to negotiation.

Dealing with Difficult Situations

1 day

This course aims to provide participants with strategies and skills for dealing with difficult situations which may arise in the workplace. Through gaining an understanding of why and how difficult situations occur, participants will be better equipped to make choices in their responses and achieve more positive outcomes.

Intercultural Communication

½ -1 day

The purpose of the course is to provide participants with the skills and confidence to communicate more effectively with customers and co-workers who speak English as a second language. The course includes practical exercises in adjusting the use of spoken and written English.

Interviewing and Selection

2 days

This course is aimed at staff who find themselves in the role of interviewer for recruitment and selection. It helps to develop the skills of questioning, listening and non-verbal behaviour, with the aim of encouraging participants to use more effective interviewing styles and to be able to make decisions based on objective evidence.

Negotiation Skills

3 days

The course helps participants develop negotiation skills aimed at achieving win:win outcomes necessary for developing positive ongoing relationships with customers, colleagues and suppliers. The course introduces participants to the concept of and provides practical experience in principled negotiation following the four stages of preparation, debate, proposition and bargaining.

Presentation Skills

3 days

The course is focused on how to prepare presentations to a professional standard, covering: the setting of aims and objectives appropriate to the audience; how to design visual aids (including PowerPoint presentations); how to handle presentations with a degree of confidence including handling of questions and objections; and how to influence an audience.

Presentation Skills for Overseas Markets

1 day

Designed for experienced presenters who have to make presentations overseas, the course examines the use of English, appropriate styles of delivery and audience expectations of the host country. This course works best with already-prepared individual or team presentations.

Telephone Skills

1 day

Tailored to meet client requirements, the course covers a range of skills which may include: answering the phone competently and professionally; taking messages; transferring calls; dealing with difficult calls; managing the desk and the phone; communicating on the phone with second language speakers of English.

Working in Teams

1 day

Designed to improve team working, the workshop focuses on: how teams evolve and what factors influence their success; the responsibilities of individuals for working well with people; some key behaviours that help create and maintain effective working relationships; and how to enhance individual’s skills required for good working relationships.

Written Communication -
"The Write Way"

1 day

Aimed at anyone who has to write reports, case studies, letters, memos or emails, the course provides practice and confidence in the use of plain written English.

Written Communication - "Improving Your Written English"

1-2 days

The course provides sensitive support to people who are experiencing difficulty with literacy and is designed to develop people's confidence and competence. It can be provided on an individual or group basis. It includes spelling, punctuation, use of grammar and plain English.


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