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3 days

Designed to improve the effectiveness of teams in the workplace, the workshop focuses on the role of the team leader and his/her responsibility for managing the different strengths/skills in the team, maintaining motivation and handling conflict. A heavy emphasis is placed on the importance of effective communications.

Management Development

3 days

The aim of the workshop is to enable staff who are new to management to plan and organise both time and work to achieve objectives whilst solving problems and managing staff and resources effectively.

Managing Change

3 days

The purpose of the workshop is to provide participants with an understanding of their responsibilities within the change process and to provide them with a range of practical tools and techniques for successfully defining, planning, implementing and evaluating change.

Problem Solving

3 days

The course aims to improve problem solving, decision making and planning in the workplace by providing participants with knowledge and practical experience of tools that help: identify the real causes of problems; identify the best decisions in any given situation; and development of effective plans that avoid future problems and capitalise on future opportunities.

Process Improvement

2 days

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce participants to a staged approach to process improvement from identifying and prioritising areas for improvement through to planning to implement the recommendations. A range of quality improvement processes are covered on the course.

Project Management

2 days

The course aims to provide participants with an understanding of the steps necessary to initiate and manage the stages of a project from its initial definition through to the post implementation review. The course includes practical exercises involving project planning and management tools such as project breakdown techniques, dependency charts, critical path analysis and risk analysis.


3 days

To be added

Time Management

1 day

The course aims to provide participants with techniques to identify how they use time at present, to recognise the most serious time wasting activities/events, and how to plan to make best use of the time available.




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